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Why Volunteer with O2E?

With so many pressing social issues on the agendas of governments around the world today, saving our animals and the environment seems low on the priority list. The result is that resources and funding for animal and environmental conservation activities throughout the world is limited and assistance is needed by caring individuals and groups to preserve this richly bio-diverse habitat and every life form in it. And it is certainly worth protecting. By definition, volunteering is;

“a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.”

Volunteers offer their skills, time and expertise to causes they find worthy. In the case of O2E;


Each goes hand in hand.

Through O2E, volunteers have the unique opportunity to be involved in meaningful projects from the grassroots level where they will contribute to the day to day running of their chosen cause.

O2E does not create projects for volunteers.

We believe in supporting local organisations that have identified a genuine need for intervention at a local level and are sustainable and effective in their approaches.

Your decision to volunteer with an O2E supported project will impact more than you realise; that is until you see the project for itself. When you experience firsthand the contribution that these organisations make in the rescue, intervention, conservation, rehabilitation, release and management of wildlife, domestic animals and the environment, while supporting and educating local wildlife communities, you become acutely aware of the need for volunteers such as yourself, to provide assistance. The work the volunteer undertakes through to the sharing of these experiences with friends and family, resulting in project donations and animal adoptions makes an enormous difference to each project, the animals in its care, the local people and the environment.

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