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Lillian Ciardelli
(United States)
Project :  Animal Rescue & Rehoming

Other than feeding and cuddling animals, we did activities each day, including animal rescues, apple picking, and gum leaf collecting. Once a week an organisation for the disabled stops by and gives food donated by the local grocery store....

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Karen Modell
(United States)
Project :  Surf Coast Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary

Surf Coast Koala and Wildlife Rescue is where we spent the past week volunteering. The 5+ acres are a maze of pens, cages, habitats, and aviaries. All manner of Australian wild life, mammals, marsupials, reptiles, birds are cared ...

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Isabelle De Meerleer
Project :  Surf Coast Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary

For all those of you (like me) who believe koala’s are cute, cuddly creatures, I can tell you that yesterday I have experienced quite the opposite.  Time to catch koala’s, weigh them, listen to their lungs and check their teeth.  I have to admit I was a bit ...

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Thomas King
Project :  Flying Foxes & Aussie Wildlife

It becomes clear pretty soon that not only do these people care deeply about wildlife and animals, but they know a hell of a lot about them too! It's not every day you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with Australian wildlife, but this was certainly an experi...

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Alex King
Project :  Flying Foxes and Aussie Wildlife

We had such a fantastic time in Queensland with the Oceans 2 Earth Foundation. My favourite experience was visiting the rescued baby bats and other wildlife, and learning about each of their stories, how they came to be at the centre and the plans to rehabilitate and release them...

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Kate Becker
Project :  Mexican Kitten Rescue & Rehoming

Always having been compassionate towards animals with a special soft corner for cats, I decided to spend my gap year holiday in a productive way. I did some research around international volunteering in Playa del Carmen, which was the intended spot for my vacationing and stumbled...

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Aya Van der Hoff
Project :  Thai Wildlife Rehabilitation & Care

Volunteering at this project opened my eyes up to a new world. I thought I was just going to care for animals, which I was, but I feel so much more educated now on the illegal wildlife trade, the treatment and mistreatment of animals and how Thailand’s animals welfare laws,...

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Rachel Marie
(United States)
Project :  Great Barrier Reef Turtle Rehabilitation

There is nowhere on Earth that is as unusual as the Great Barrier Reef. It is a storehouse of natural wonders, marine life, animals, plants, and corals. To volunteer on the Reef is a privilege and taking care of the turtles that are in danger here is a perfect way to spend a few ...

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Jean Rubach
Project :  Amazon Animal Sanctuary

I volunteered for this animal rescue project to have the chance to travel to the Amazon, work with the Quichua community, and make a difference. Volunteering with Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers provided an incredible opportunity to work in animal care and help rehabilitate animals dam...

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Brittany Francis
Project :  Great Barrier Reef Turtle Rehabilitation

O2E said, “This project is loads of fun” and they were right!  I could only imagine what it would be like being up close with sea turtles and I wasn’t disappointed. 
My placement started with a ferry ride to a tropical island East of Cairns. The...

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Jacinta Richardson
Project :  Australian Forest Wildlife

I have to be honest; for my first few days at Australian Forest Wildlife I felt like I was at boot camp.  To begin with I wasn’t accustomed to the rustic conditions; accommodation was modest to say the least.  Electricity was generator only and only at night. ...

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