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This professional organisation dedicates all of its efforts in eliminating the mistreatment of animals and promotes respect to all animals. The principal objectives are to achieve the approval of an animal protection law, educate people about responsible ownership, assist in the control of dog and cat populations, improve the lives of rescued animals at the refuge by providing veterinary care.

Minimum 1 week
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A non-profit organisation with a no kill policy, the rescue centre is dedicated to reducing the cat population in Playa del Carmen. They achieve this via the TNR (trap spay/neuter and return) program for feral cats and the rescue, treat, spay/neuter and tame program for kittens under 3 months. The centre aims to find a permanent loving home for all rescued kittens in their care.

The centre is also committed to education, which encourages responsible pet ownership and challenges negative associations with feral cats and consequent cruelty.

While the rescue centre’s primary focus is cats, the clinic also provides spay/neuter services for dogs.

Minimum 2 weeks
From $900 AUD

This project’s objective is to relieve the suffering and pain of animals on this island in Thailand through sterilisation and care. To date, over 8,000 animals have been sterilised and treated.

The project started in 2005 when it became apparent that dog and cat populations were spiralling out of control and cruelty to these animals was prevalent. One factor was that after the Tsunami during the Thai construction boom, construction workers came to the island with their dogs but left them behind when the buildings were completed. The number of tourists visiting the island and feeding these dogs increased which resulted in their high survival and reproduction rates causing over population.

The centre’s primary objectives are to control the population of stray animals on Koh Lanta Yai in a humane way through sterilization programs and to provide medical attention to sick and injured animals.

The centre also aims to promote awareness and educate the local community on the importance of animal care and respect to local dog and cat populations.  This assists in helping to reduce the local issues of abuse and over population.

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4 weeks - 12 weeks
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