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Travel Resources

Visas and Passport Information

Depending on the country you visit and where you are from, you must obtain a travel Visa. A travel Visa allows a visitor to stay in that country for a set period of time.

There are many types of visas including holiday visas, working visas and entry visas. Some countries will require you to contact their embassy in your home country and apply for a visa prior to leaving your home country. In this case, ensure you leave yourself enough time to apply as some embassies may take a month or so to process those applications. Other countries allow you to enter the country and apply for an entry visa on arrival while others have online applications. Each country is different. You will need to check online or by contacting the country’s embassy.

Ensure you have at least 6 months from your departure date on your Passport or you may experience difficulty entering some countries. You should check these requirements at the time you enquire about your Visa.

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Travel Insurance Information

Travel insurance is compulsory when you book a project through O2E and since working with animals is not covered on most insurance policies, you will need to ensure that your travel insurance provider can offer you the appropriate cover. When taking out insurance, read the policy carefully and ask questions if it is not clear or there are emissions. It pays to contact your potential insurer and ask specifically about working with animals and wildlife. They will be able to clearly explain what coverage you can expect.

O2E does not recommend travel insurance providers, however we can point you in the right directions. Companies that MAY be able to assist you with your insurance needs are:

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Travel Checklist

Before you go
Check the latest travel advice for your proposed destination. The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issues up to date travel advice at 
http://smartraveller.gov.au/countries/Pages/default.aspx. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office issues up to date travel advice at http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/.

Register your travel and contact details at the relevant Government authority. Australians can register at Smartraveller http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/index.html.

Organise comprehensive travel insurance and ensure it covers you for the destinations you plan to visit and the activities you plan to undertake. 

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Packing List

It is important to be prepared for anything and everything when traveling on one of
our projects. Download our comprehensive list of things you might need to pack for your
time away.

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We advise you to consult your GP or travel health centre for up-to-date information about vaccinations. Since we are not medical experts, our advice on vaccinations and other medical matters can only be informal. Ensure you discuss the countries and specific regions you are going to live and work in with your doctor as some countries require you to have certain vaccinations prior to your entry into the country, for example, yellow fever is required in many African countries.

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