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Volunteering with O2E - Parent's Factsheet

Embarking on volunteer travel is an exciting but sometimes nerve-wracking proposition for a volunteer and their parents. As experienced volunteers, we know how overwhelming it can be when your son or daughter announces they are packing their bags and heading off to the other side of the globe! This is an opportunity for them to celebrate their years of study and perhaps saving their money from that part time job, to experience what life has to offer and fulfil a dream. They worked hard for it!

To help soften the nerves, O2E has compiled a parent's guide to provide information to help with your concerns. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries.

Safety of the volunteer on their placement is our highest priority, and knowing the specific projects and the countries we work with enables us to strive for a 100% record in terms of safety. Volunteers are given a very strong support structure throughout their placement and O2E staff members are available 24 hours should you, or they need to speak to us. You will always know where your son or daughter is and you will always be able to contact them. Project work and activities are structured and there are rules that the volunteers must adhere to. Many projects have night time curfews. For safety information specific to the country of travel, refer to the Travel Resources section of the website.

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O2E as a Responsible
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O2E Responsible Travel

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