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Meet the O2E Team

Tracy Leske




Tracy’s first altruistic endeavour with animals began at the age of 12 when she became affiliated with the Dolphin Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, a program designed to assist in the management and support of local dolphin populations. 31 years later, Tracy’s desire to help animals is still paramount.  Her decision to partner with animal welfare and conservation organisations around the world and source volunteers on their behalf has allowed her to contribute on an expediential level.  

Her personal volunteering pursuits have taken her to Africa, Asia and South America where she has met many like-minded animal lovers and conservationists and has developed lifelong friendships with others dedicated to the plight of animal equality and the protection of our natural resources. She holds both warm hearted and sad memories of caring for rescued elephants, rehabilitating orphaned kangaroos and providing care for animals who have been victims of abuse. 

Since 2011, Tracy has become involved with numerous campaigns aimed at abolishing practices that abuse, enslave and exploit animals including factory farming, animal circuses, jumps racing, over fishing and the fur and cosmetics industries. She has fundraised for orang-utan rescue, rehabilitation and habitat protection, has conducted research and evaluated community based human - elephant conflict mitigation programs and is an avid campaigner about the impacts of palm oil production in South-East Asia.

She holds Australian qualifications in Teaching (BTeach Deakin) and post graduate qualifications in International Development (RMIT), Educational Studies (BEdSt Qld) and Education (BEd Deakin).

Her hope for the future is to see new generations head a world of change and shift the focus towards an acceptance of global responsibility and take active and sustainable measures to protect the environment in which we live and end the suffering that animals face on a daily basis all over the world.

Cassie Smith




Cassie has over 25 years’ experience in change management and strategic planning, having worked in a variety in industries such as finance, manufacturing and education. She studied Psychology (Criminology) as well as being a qualified personal trainer, exercise nutrition and body transformation specialist.

Cassie has volunteered since her teenage years when her mother first introduced her to volunteering during the World Blind Olympics. She is known for her passions and motivation to support the underdog and has become an avid campaigner for the banning of animals in entertainment and as tourist props; recently campaigning against circus animals in Australia, the use of animals as TV commercial props in America and the Thailand government poaching corruption and abuse of rescue centres. She regularly contributes to the O2E Foundation Blog on these global issues.

Cassie has personally volunteering in Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and America and regularly travels to volunteer or audit potential projects against the O2E Ethical Standards. Memorable experiences in Ecuador and Australia have further developed Cassie’s interest in the illegal pet trade and human-wildlife conflict.

It was through the merging of the two complementary concepts of Oceans2Earth Foundation and Oceans2Earth Volunteers that Cassie has been able to travel the world volunteering and contributing to the local wildlife communities thus realising her dreams to make a difference.

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you DO!

Altruism doesn’t exist. I do what I do because how can I not? That, to me, is a selfish endeavour!”

Cassie will be undertaking research and fieldwork in Kenya and Thailand in 2014 in human-wildlife conflict mitigation and illegal wild elephant captures respectively. Oceans2Earth will partner with grassroots community groups as well as NGOs and GOs in these studies which aim to increase the current evidence base in animal welfare as well as to contribute on the ground to local wildlife communities.

Rahul Rohilla




Rahul is a celebrated member of the O2E team and has been instrumental in the design and development of the Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers and Oceans 2 Earth Foundation websites. His enthusiasm, excellent programming skills and good humour have been a welcome addition to the O2E web development team. Rahul stepped in late in the project when we really needed his expertise and will continue on to work with the team to maintain and improve the websites as we grow.

Rahul resides in New Delhi, India. His passion for IT led him to complete a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, just North of New Delhi. He has over 3 years experience working with PHP, Mysql, HTML, Ajax, CSS, Jquery, CakePHP, codeigniter and E-Commerce and develops and implements open source software projects.

Rahul's favourite animal is the elephant. He is awestruck by their powerful presence yet strong sense of calm.

Alice Cloake

Social Media



A 2012 QUT business graduate, Alice majored in International Business and Marketing and has experience in email marketing, social media management, content creation and customer experience. After two years working in the fashion industry in London, Alice returned home to Brisbane, Australia to continue working as a social media consultant.

Alice has a keen interest in sharing her skills and experience to benefit grassroots projects with an aim to increase awareness for global human and animal welfare initiatives.

Sharina Charman




Sharina completed a Bachelors Degree (hons) in Applied Accounting at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, then settled in Australia to complete her Masters degree in Business (IT) at Monash University.

Sharina has held positions in a variety of industries including IT, hospitality and real estate sales. In 2011 she became an O2E team member and was instrumental in the implementation of the O2E ‘SOCIALISE’ social media hub.

Sharina is a passionate animal lover who lives with her husband and their kitten in Melbourne.



Bill Tran

MES Web Designer



In 2008, Bill came to Australia to study multimedia design and found his interest in websites lead him to a career as a web designer. Having been away from his family for four years, he misses them along with his fat, lazy dog, Mun.

Bill loves all kinds of animals although he is impartial to spiders and has a desire to help animals somewhere in the world.

When he heard Oceans2Earth Foundation was looking for someone to build a website in order to raise funds to protect elephants in Kenya, he started right away. There have been some aspects of the task which have been challenging, however with the support of the rest of the team, the website was finished and Bill hopes his contribution will make a difference.

Shardul Phase

Web Administrator



Shardul has been a part of the O2E team since inception and his enthusiastic contribution has been valued amongst his peers.

He completed a Masters of Information Technology Professional majoring in internet and web application development at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia after graduating with first class honours, a Bachelor of Computer Science in his homeland.

Shardul was born and raised in India and moved to Australia for a few years to complete his Masters. It was in Australia that Shardul met with O2E, joined the team and has become a valued advisor and friend.

Shardul has been instrumental in establishing O2E's internet presence and continues to strive for nothing short of excellence in his technical ability, work ethic and standards of quality. He humbly contributes to the work O2E does with wildlife and is often heard to say 'Don't thank me, I do not do enough!' Shardul openly admits he is a little scared of cats and dogs.


Jacinta Richardson

Project Writer



A few years ago, Jacinta decided it was time to begin the transition from a career in health administration to one which reflected her real passion: conservation.

She completed a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management in 2015 and is excited to be continuing on to undertake a Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science in 2016.  On completion of her studies, Jacinta aims to work as a Field Ecologist, focusing on wildlife conservation.

Jacinta first volunteered with O2E in 2015, recording her experience in an online blog for O2E.  An enthusiastic writer, Jacinta was thrilled with the opportunity to support conservation-minded volunteer programs through a light-hearted, yet honest account of some of the challenges and rewards of volunteering. 

Jacinta is looking forward to a future of further contributions.  ‘Every little thing we do makes a difference.  I am determined to do so many little things that they eventually become a big thing’.

Abdul Abubakar

Country Coordinator



Abdul was born in the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya and began working at 16 years of age in a variety of industries including customer service, sales, security, administration and exporting.  He has worked as an office clerk for an NGO under the United Nations and has completed research & field work for the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) Declaration, a world initiative to build a safer, more prosperous and equitable world by 2015.

He has always had a great love for nature, wildlife and animals. He is an avid animal advocate, helping and rescuing any animal he finds in distress, in particular stray cats, ensuring they receive proper treatment and care.  Having witnessed the growing numbers of stray dog and cat populations over the years in Mombasa and neighboring towns, he advocates spaying & neutering programs, of which he operates his own informal program by taking stray cats to the KSPCA for sterilisation where he is a volunteer.

He actively fights for animals and the environment by participating in wildlife conservation campaigns, tree planting programs and through educating people, particularly children, about ending cruelty to animals and promotes a kind & caring attitude towards all living creatures.

When he is not saving animals, Abdul enjoys rebuilding old classic cars with his father, hiking, collecting old souvenirs, reading about old East African history and old building architecture and going on safari.

Shalee Moschetti

Content Writer



Shalee is an online coach and content writer living in Melbourne, Australia. With her background in Marketing and Administration, as well as her education in Psychology and Health Coaching, Shalee runs her own wellness blog and works as a freelance writer. Shalee loves animals large and small and is often found spending time with her two cats.

Blake Hampton

Freelance Journalist


New South Wales

Blake is a freelance journalist and content writer with a passion for social advocacy programs and organisations seeking to make a difference. With a background in news, politics, sport and entertainment, I aim to communicate Oceans 2 Earth's message through a variety of platforms to ensure their continued success



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