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Career breaks & sabbaticals

A career break or sabbatical allows you to take extended leave from work with the option of returning to your previous position at the end of your time away. Many people opt to take a career break to get a fresh perspective on things and volunteering can open your eyes to different ways of life while applying your skills to a worthwhile cause.

Some employers offer a career break or sabbatical scheme to employees as a way of dealing with a situation of being temporarily over resourced. Other employers offer it on the condition that employees use the sabbatical to gain new skills and further their personal or professional development. Some employees have schemes in place that offer financial support to staff wanting to volunteer. If your employer does not offer such a scheme, it is doesn’t hurt it ask! In any case, volunteering is an excellent opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Volunteering with O2E is ideal as a career break. You become directly involved in a project while you work alongside local people and make valuable contributions. You experience the culture firsthand and get to know the wildlife indicative of that region and country. You may choose to work in your professional area of expertise or field of study, gaining valuable work experience or simply have a desire to care for some of the most exotic animals in the world.

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