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Carbon Reduction Program

When you visit the O2E website on your computer, drive to the airport, fly to another country, transfer to your destination and get all the way home again, you are contributing to the omission of carbon into our atmosphere.

O2E contributes to a carbon offsetting program to help reduce the equivalent of the CO2 emitted as a result of your travel. Purchasing carbon offsets (or carbon credits) allows us to support projects that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We encourage everyone to reduce emissions where they can first; however, there are always unavoidable emissions (your carbon footprint). You too can offset the impact of your carbon footprint by paying to support a project which reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management or reforestation.

Want to know what effect your life’s activities have on carbon emission?

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O2E as a Responsible
Travel Organisation

O2E Responsible Travel

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Download O2E PDF Brochure

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