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Become an O2E Volunteer

Becoming an O2E Volunteer is easy. Simply follow the steps below to secure your placement.

O2E offers support while you plan your trip, during your travel and when you return. We are available to provide assistance whenever the need arises.

Step 1: Choose your Destination and Project
Browse O2E Projects or Destinations map. Decide what interests you or where in the world you would like to travel.
Contact us if you have any queries.
Decide your start date and duration of travel.

Step 2: Apply
Click on Apply Now and complete the application form.
A deposit if $495 will be required to progress with your application. This is part of the overall cost, not an additional fee. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit payment by email, and as soon as we confirm there is a place for you at the project, we will be in touch.

Step 3: Confirmation
As soon as your place is confirmed, the O2E team will contact you. You are on your way!
The O2E team will contact you with an Information Pack to best prepare you for your time away. This includes further information about the organisation, the project, a to-do checklist, travel insurance information, a contact list, visa and vaccination information, a packing list, information about the country you are visiting and loads of other information.

Step 4: Start planning your travel
Join the Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers Facebook Page.
Book your flight, bus, train or start peddling!
It's that easy!

Now you can look forward to an experience that will change your outlook on life forever.

Be sure to email us or set up a Skype session if there is anything you would like to discuss.

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O2E as a Responsible
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