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Wildlife Tracking & Field Research

Mossel Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Wildlife Tracking & Field Research
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Game Reserve Conservation

Project Information

Volunteer Type Volunteer

Cost of Project From $1255 AUD

Duration Minimum 1 week (4 weeks recommended)

Start Dates 1st day of the month

Work Roster 5 days a week, 8am - 4pm

Age Requirement 18 years of age

This project provides volunteers with a unique opportunity to participate in ethical wildlife research, studying African wildlife free-roaming in their natural environment.
You will learn to navigate and track animals through the South African bush while undertaking vital conservation research into some of South Africa’s most iconic animal species. The project has a strong focus on safe-guarding the wellbeing of the animals and their environment and employs non-invasive methods of data collection.
The structure of the project helps to maximise learning for volunteers, combining four days of field work each week with one day of theoretical learning in the form of lectures or workshops.  The first two weeks focus on wildlife training where volunteers learn dangerous game approach methods, wildlife tracks and signs, useful botany, navigation and survival skills, animal behaviour and warning signs. You will then spend the remainder of your time participating in scientific research in the field. Research activities have a conservation focus and aim to improve the welfare of wildlife in South Africa and ensure the long-term sustainability of wildlife reserves.

  • Your Contribution

Volunteers play a vital role in the research projects undertaken at the reserve. In addition to collecting data in the field, volunteers assist with data entry and analysis. Volunteers also participate in habitat conservation activities at the reserve. Volunteer fees assist with meeting the costs of research and conservation activities and also help to protect the wildlife by combating poaching on the reserve.

  • A Typical Day

You will spend four days of the week in the field observing animals, learning skills and recording project data. As the animals roam freely in their natural environment, each day will be different, depending on what the animals choose to do each day! One day will be spent in town attending lectures or workshops. The knowledge and skills you will learn in the lectures will assist greatly with your activities in the field.

  • Skills Required

Volunteers must be fluent in English, willing to work and able to take direction from staff. Volunteers should also be in good physical condition (ie. moderately fit and healthy).

  • Challenges

Tracking and monitoring wildlife requires patience. Be prepared to spend long periods of time searching for animals, or waiting for them to wake up!

  • Accommodation

Dorm-style shared accommodation

  • Meals

Breakfast is supplied and lunches are provided on weekdays. Volunteers must supply and prepare their own evening and weekend meals. There are several food stores within walking distance of the volunteer accommodation.

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