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Kenya Elephant Community

Mwaluganje, Kenya

Kenya Elephant Community
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Elephant Conservation

Project Information

Volunteer Type Volunteer, Student, Graduate, Professional

Cost of Project From $1700 AUD

Duration Minimum 4 weeks

Start Dates Monday - Sunday, all year

Work Roster Flexible

Age Requirement 18 years of age


Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary is a conservation area for elephants. It was introduced to create a wildlife corridor for the movement of elephants between Mwaluganje Forest Reserve to the north and Shimba Hills National Reserve to the south. Measuring 60,000 acres, elephants use this migratory passageway to access important foliage areas within their natural domain at different times of the year.

The Sanctuary was created to reduce human-elephant conflict arising from the large population of both humans and elephants in the area and to generate benefits for community members through wildlife and habitat conservation. 

The Sanctuary’s objectives are: -

  • To reduce human-elephant conflict within the area.
  • To conserve and protect wildlife.
  • To ensure that communities and individuals who owned land within the Mwaluganje-Shimba Hills National Reserve corridor could benefit from wildlife conservation and Eco-Tourism development.

The volunteer can choose to undertake a program of their choice based on their area of interest.

For more information on Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, visit the MES website www.elesanctuary.org

Included is a 2 night safari to either the Massai Mara National Reserve in a tented camp or the Tsavo National Park in a lodge. You will go on 2 game drives each day and get up close to soe of Africa's most stunning wildlife.

You will also visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphan's project where you will see the baby elephant's morning feed and mud/dust bath.  If you adopt an elephant, you can return that evening for the orphan's bedtime where you can chat to the keepers and get to know your adopted elephant.

  • Your Contribution

Your contribution will depend on the activities you undertake. Some projects will be research and data collection based and will not affect the community of Mwaluganje, however some projects will be embedded into the heart and soul of the community and will be of considerable benefit.

  • A Typical Day

Daily activities will be dependent upon your project as you will undertake your own activities. O2E can assist in structuring a program that best suits your area of interest.

  • Skills Required

There are no special skills required as this project is your own project.

  • Challenges

The biggest challenges for animal lovers visiting this region is the indifferent or negative treatment of animals, especially stray dog and cat population. With such a huge stray population and so little food to spare, many Kenyan families have enough trouble taking care of themselves without worrying about animals, and cats and dogs can become a nuisance when looking for food. Most of the animals are underfed and many have birth defects due to inbreeding which can be distressing.

  • Accommodation

Accommodation is provided in a family who are also members of the project, in order to feel integrated and also enjoy more cultural aspects. Volunteers always have a private bedroom and all meals are provided within the family that is to say breakfast, lunch and dinner. Volunteers are allowed to introduce their food from their own culture.

  • Meals

3 meals a day.

  • Combine Projects


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