The Hope Project

Hope was a stray kitten. She was attacked with a machete for taking a man's food. Hope is not the only domestic animal victim of such cruel behaviour. Often cultures do not see domestic animals as anything but a beast of burden or a stray nuisance that steals food.

Although Hope succumbed to her injuries a few days after the attack, O2E has created the Hope Project in her name in the hope that we can stop this cruelty.

In partnership with domestic animal projects around the world including the KSPCA and Galapagos DACPC, O2E’s The Hope Project aims to:

1. Educate children and adults about cats & dogs and how to treat them.

2. Offer a free neutering service to control the stray population.

3. Eradicate the current veterinarian practice of cat & dog poisoning where it is practiced.

4. Provide medication and treatment to the victims of poisoning and other acts of cruelty. 

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