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Welcome to Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers! (O2E)  We are a volunteer sending organisation located in Australia looking to engage animal welfare and conservation NGO’s to become Project Hosts for our volunteers.  This is an opportunity to register your interest in hosting volunteers sourced by O2E.

O2E welcome expressions of interest from local and international organisations about project partnership. 

First and foremost, to be considered as an O2E project host, the organisation and project must meet the criteria of the O2E Ethical Standards. Organisations must have a suitable animal welfare and/or habitat conservation project and a genuine interest in co-operating with local and international volunteers. The work project must be of benefit and must not take work away from local communities.

Project hosts are responsible for the local supervision of the volunteers and the work they undertake. They provide volunteers with meaningful work that is of benefit to animals and/or conservation, a safe and healthy working environment and may provide housing, food and recreation options.

Should you become an O2E project partner, we look forward to developing a long and rewarding partnership with your organisation as we work towards a common goal of protecting our animals and the environment in which they live.

Please click on the form link below and fill in your details. We will email you an Expression of Interest.  The purpose of this form is to obtain detailed information about your organisation or project to determine your suitability to become a project host.  To ensure we are supporting NGO’s who have the best interests of animals and the environment at heart; we have a list of criteria that our project hosts must fulfill. It may pay for you to read our Ethical Standards prior to completing the survey just in case you don’t qualify on first glance.

Thank you. 

Tracy Leske and Cassie Smith



Click here to go to the Project Partnership enquiry form


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