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There are many ways you can help Oceans 2 Earth to achieve our mission.
Firstly, take a look at the boxes on the right hand side of this web page.

You might like to volunteer at one of our projects. This is a great way to see firsthand the work these amazing grassroots projects do and the types of animal welfare and conservation issues they confront each day.

Members of O2E receive regular updates about projects and campaigns and are encouraged to have their say about the issues. The newsletter also provides information about upcoming opportunities in community partnerships or research studies.

Money makes the world go round…….actually it’s very true. Without funding animals can’t be fed, enclosures and rescue equipment can’t be purchased and people won’t be employed. One of the best ways you can help our projects and partners is to donate some cash. Maybe you would like to adopt a wombat or buy an awesomely stylish pair of pyjamas? Profits from these purchases all go towards O2E campaigns and projects. The O2E online store is open for business!

O2E Wildlife Code -
Educate, inform and act.
Every time you talk to someone about an issue, you bring to their attention something they just may never have considered.

How many people do you know ride elephants in Thailand and think it’s great?
Ever heard, “the elephants are treated well and really look happy”? Read out article ‘O2E as a Responsible Travel Organisation’ and our research study about the effects of elephant tourist camps on wild elephant populations. Be informed before you make a decision to get on an elephant’s back.

You can make a difference.
1.    Educate those around you
2.    Inform others of the issues and plights of our wildlife and domesticated animals.
3.    Inform others of the work organisations and projects do.
4.    Act with care and respect for all….and as we say in the O2E Wildlife Code “leave nothing but footprints”.

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