About Oceans2Earth Foundation

Oceans2Earth Foundation facilitates people’s awareness of the impacts of animal tourism, trade and human intervention on the welfare, sustainability and general health of wild and domestic animal populations.

We join forces with on the ground communities and organisations to find solutions to animal welfare and conservation issues.
Oceans2Earth Foundation:
  • is an organisation for like-minded animal and environmental champions to work with other not for profit organisations and grassroots projects to instigate change;
  • seeks to challenge and engage individuals to contribute to grassroots animal welfare and habitat conservation projects;
  • endeavors to improve the welfare of animals globally;
  • raises awareness on animal conservation and welfare, contributes to animal rescue and rehabilitation campaigns that meet the O2E Ethical Standards for wildlife intervention;
  • raises funds and makes positive contributions with grassroots animal welfare and habitat conservation organisations;
  • assists with local sustainable solutions to global problems;
  • empowers and assists organisations to conserve wildlife habitats;
  • reviews potential organisations and selects partners that support its vision and meet the O2E Ethical Standards for wildlife intervention;
  • provides opportunities for individuals to interact with people of diverse cultures who share common values.

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