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Western Cape Big Cats

Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa

Western Cape Big Cats
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Care for Africa's Big Cats

Project Information

Volunteer Type Volunteer

Cost of Project From $1840 AUD

Duration Minimum 2 weeks

Start Dates All year

Work Roster Two shifts per day, morning and afternoon

Age Requirement 18 years of age


The Western Cape Big Cat Sanctuary is an environmentally friendly sanctuary which cares for rescued captive-bred big cats. Currently home to lions, tigers, caracals, jackals and a leopard, the sanctuary provides a compassionate and enriching environment for exploited big cats to live out their lives in comfort and safety.
With a strong focus on raising awareness of the plight of big cats in Africa, the sanctuary delivers on-site educational programs to sanctuary visitors and provides the opportunity for visitors and volunteers to be involved in creating enrichment toys and activities for the cats. The sanctuary also provides a range of specialist services such as trapped animal relocations, animal communication workshops and big cat facility advice and assistance.

  • Your Contribution

Volunteers assist in many different areas of the sanctuary, from cleaning enclosures and water bowls, helping to prepare the food for the big cats, helping build enclosures, clearing alien plants, creating important enrichment toys for the animals to play with and checking electric fencing around the enclosures and property. Volunteers also play a role in educating visitors to the sanctuary, helping to spread awareness and compassion for the plight of big cats in Africa.

  • A Typical Day

Every day is different, but volunteers are always involved in the daily care of the big cats, including preparation of food and feeding and watering the animals. The animal enclosures are also cleaned and maintained regularly. As part of the sanctuary’s enrichment program, volunteers have the opportunity to get creative and design and construct fun and challenging toys for the big cats and then enjoy watching the animal enjoy and destroy them! Most days the sanctuary delivers two educational sessions for members of the general public. Volunteers will join in with these sessions and help to raise awareness and motivate visitors to care for animals. Volunteers also assist with general farm maintenance such as weed control and fence checks.

  • Skills Required

Volunteers must be fluent in English, be willing to work and must be able to take direction fromstaff. Volunteers must also have a genuine care and compassion for animals and a desire to enrich the lives of animals in captivity.

  • Challenges

Some sanctuary maintenance tasks can be physically demanding. Working in the heat of Summer. Some volunteers may also feel a bit squeamish about the large portions of meat that are fed to the lions.

  • Accommodation

Large share house with communal area and a pool.

  • Meals

Breakfast and lunch are supplied. Vegetarian options are available. Volunteers must supply and prepare their own nighttime meal. Volunteers will be taken on a weekly shopping trip to obtain supplies.

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