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Mexican Kitten Rescue & Rehoming

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Mexican Kitten Rescue & Rehoming
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Rescue Centre for Kittens

Project Information

Volunteer Type Volunteer, Veterinarians, Vet Graduates, Vet Students

Cost of Project From $900 AUD

Duration Minimum 2 weeks

Start Dates Monday - Sunday, all year

Work Roster Monday - Saturday 8am - 4pm

Age Requirement 18 years of age


A non-profit organisation with a no kill policy, the rescue centre is dedicated to reducing the cat population in Playa del Carmen. They achieve this via the TNR (trap spay/neuter and return) program for feral cats and the rescue, treat, spay/neuter and tame program for kittens under 3 months. The centre aims to find a permanent loving home for all rescued kittens in their care.

The centre is also committed to education, which encourages responsible pet ownership and challenges negative associations with feral cats and consequent cruelty.

While the rescue centre’s primary focus is cats, the clinic also provides spay/neuter services for dogs.

  • Your Contribution

With over 14,000 cats and kittens on the streets of Playa del Carmen alone, this rescue centre is overwhelmed with kittens and needs your help. The project is not a shelter, but requires volunteers to care for the cats and kittens that are brought in through their programs.

  • A Typical Day

The centre operates a number of programs, therefore your day will depend as to where you are needed most. Daily activities can consist of the following activities. Assisting in the spay and neuter clinic on surgery days where cat and kittens carers are required to clean the kitten rooms, prepare the animals for surgery and aid them in recovery.

You may spend some time in quarantine as feline health is paramount and new arrivals must be thoroughly checked and given a clean bill of health prior to being introduced to the rest of the animals. Very young kittens require special attention as they are unable to feed themselves and must be bottle fed kitten milk on a regular basis. There are plenty of opportunities to cuddle the kittens involved in the rehoming program so that they become accustomed to human contact before they meet their new family.

You may be involved in the trapping of feral cats in resorts and bringing them to the centre for spaying/ neutering, vaccinating and de-worming as part of an initiative to control feral cat populations in resort precincts which results in a healthy and non-reproductive cat population. You may also assist in administration, fundraising and other responsibilities as they arise, and if you have a special interest such as graphic design, there is always a place for your skills.

  • Skills Required

Definitely a love and understanding for cats and kittens, including strays and feral cats. The clinic also provides a spay/neuter service for dogs so if you are comfortable, there is plenty of opportunities to interact with these four legged friends.

  • Challenges

The rescue centre is not a shelter and does not keep animals on a permanent basis. It only aims to treat them, release them or rehome them.

There is only space for 15-20 kittens at any one time and limited resources to care for them so it is heartbreaking when cats and kittens are turned away. The numbers needing help are impossible for the centre to handle, however the rescuer is offered services, advice and support.

It can be very emotional work treating and caring for sick and stray animals, some of which have been abused or treated cruelly. Be rest assured that you are amongst like-minded people who are experiencing the same feelings and emotions as you and will be there to support you.

  • Accommodation

Volunteers stay off site in a 2 star hotel only minute's f walk to the main area of Playa Del Carmen in a choice of a single room with a shared bathroom, double room with two single beds and a private bathroom and a triple room with a double and single bed and a private bathroom.

The accommodation includes full breakfast, air-conditioning, ceiling fan and a security box for your valuables. Double rooms have a mini fridge and TV. Single rooms have a shared refrigerator available for volunteers. For those volunteers wanting to cook their own meals, there is access to a full kitchen and microwave.

A Spanish language school is located on site where you can take group or private lessons.

  • Meals

Breakfast is included in hostel accommodation, however, if volunteers stay onsite breakfast is not included. Other meals are not included, however it is very cheap to eat out and the accommodation is located within a few minutes' walking distance of an abundance of Playa's restaurants and convenience stores.

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