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Saving Flying Foxes

Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia

Saving Flying Foxes
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Care for Flying Foxes and Bats

Project Information

Volunteer Type Volunteer

Cost of Project From $660 AUD

Duration Minimum 1 week

Start Dates Every day, all year

Work Roster 5 days a week

Age Requirement 18 years of age


The centre provides outstanding medical care to all species of sick, injured, and orphaned flying foxes and other species of bats. Although the centre specialises in bats, they are also a wildlife trauma centre that undertakes first response work for any native animal that requires care.

Most species of bat in Australia and around the world are at risk from land clearing, climate change, disturbance (wind farms, etc) and relocation by humans. Other reasons that bats come into care are cat/dog attacks, they become caught in barb wire or inappropriate fruit netting, are hit by cars, are suffering from heat stress or are hand fed the wrong food by people. Unfortunately, it has become common practice to attempt to relocate flying foxes, however, to date, no reliable method has been found to achieve camp 'relocation', with many relocations merely disturbing and stressing the bats. Bats imprint on a territory and are lost without their home. Species that compete for territory cannot be readily relocated as this causes conflict with other species located in the area.

The project receives hundreds of flying foxes into care and offers a place of refuge for recovery until they are healthy, strong and confident enough for them to venture back into the wild.

Other animals that are rescued and rehabilitated can include kangaroos, wallabies, ducks and geese. The project does not discriminate, they will provide a home for all animals who need it. However, the centre is predominantly bats. 

The project welcomes researchers, vet and work experience students so that they may utilise the facilities to fulfil course requirements and further their wildlife studies.

The project strives to inspire the general public to accept flying foxes as essential contributors to our environment and to treasure all other native fauna.

  • Your Contribution

The centre is a non-profit organisation and is supported entirely by volunteers and donations. Many hours of individualised specialised care goes into caring for the flying foxes, birds and mammals that arrive at the project. Every flying fox requires expert treatment, care and a specific diet for a successful release.

  • A Typical Day

Volunteers will be directly involved in the care of up to 800 bats, therefore your day will consist mainly of animal care including food preparation, feeding, nursing and offering support to vets and centre staff.

  • Skills Required

Volunteers must be fluent in English, be willing to work and must be able to take direction from full time carers. Volunteers should show a genuine desire in caring for these delicate and fragile animals.

  • Challenges

Being on the frontline of animal rescue can be upsetting should animals not survive, however there is a lot of support given to volunteers.

  • Accommodation

Large shared cabin with ensuite bathroom.

  • Meals

Food is supplied, however volunteers are required to share the preparation of meals. Vegan and vegetarian options are supplied on request. Drinking water is supplied.

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