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Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers is a not for profit organisation that only works with animal welfare and wildlife habitat conservation volunteer programs in Australia and Abroad. O2E collaborates with organisations all over the world so that animal and environmental lovers can travel, experience and contribute at a meaningful grassroots level. We are an Australian organisation so we specialise in Australian projects as well as offering projects in other locations globally such as Asia, Africa and South America.

What do you want to do?

Projects offer volunteers a range of opportunities to care for animals and the environment in which they live from marine conservation, animal rehabilitation, education programs, wildlife care and rehabilitation or research and veterinary assistance. Your contribution depends on the country, the needs of the project and the length and type of stay. Experience a 1 week holiday with a difference or stay 6 months, O2E will take you there!

What animals can I help?

Gain some unique and valuable experiences with elephants, koalas, macaques, owls, langurs, gibbons, kangaroos, monkeys, jackals, dolphins, dogs, cats, possums, wallabies, dingos, wombats,   turtles, pigmy marmosets, binturongs, ocelots, snakes, pigs, loris, sun bears, asiatic black bears, chorongos, horses, civets, fishing cats, flying foxes, eagles, bandicoots, birds, sugar gliders, otters, wallaroos, bats, lions, chichicos and even a crocodile!   

Galapagos Islands

About Oceans 2 Earth

About Oceans 2 Earth

Oceans 2 Earth Foundation - Oceans 2 Earth Volunteers, a non-profit organisation was founded in Melbourne, Australia for the purpose of providing resources and financial assistance to animal welfare and conservation projects both locally and around the world.

Committed volunteers themselves, the O2E founders saw firsthand that volunteer recruitment agencies were not always aware if the projects they supported had the best interests of animals and environment in mind. Instead, unethical and harmful behaviour including elephant riding, unsustainable tree nursery projects and the consumption of scarce community resources by the presence of volunteers were often the result. Local wildlife communities and the animals’ environments were also clearly disadvantaged. For this reason, Oceans 2 Earth created its Oceans 2 Earth Ethical Standards and the Wildlife Code and measures all potential projects by these policies prior to partnering with them.

O2E’s objectives are to link animal and nature lovers from around the world with a network of ethical, sustainable and conscientious non-profit organisations in the developing and developed world. Individuals can benefit from these unique travel experiences while making a positive contribution to criteria assessed animal welfare and conservation projects. Personal experiences of volunteering and caring for rescued Australian wildlife, fundraising for orang-utan habitat protection, wildlife enrichment and human - elephant conflict research and mitigation have shown us that individuals can really make a difference. However small the work effort is from one volunteer, if you combine the actions of many volunteers as a whole, the result becomes quite significant.

O2E Ethical Standards

O2E encourages relationships with animal welfare organisations that actively seek to rehabilitate and release wherever possible wildlife into its natural habitat. We do not support formalised breeding programs that currently do not induct and release wildlife into its natural habitat for the purpose of maintaining and/or improving the region’s biodiversity.

O2E or its project partners do not support the exploitation of animals in tourism or as a form of entertainment. For example animals as photo props, elephant rides, elephant painting, walking with big cats.

O2E does not support or endorse the use of animals as beasts of burden.

O2E does not support commercial animal ventures.

O2E is committed to protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of the environment.

O2E supports projects that seek to engage and educate local communities in skills, knowledge and values that promote behaviour in support of a sustainable environment.

O2E supports the successful implementation of environmental protection, revegetation and restoration programs.

O2E respects and obeys the laws, rules and regulations of the cities, states and countries in which O2E and its partners operate.

O2E or its partners do not replace local jobs with the presence of volunteers.

O2E supports the conservation of biodiversity and the respect for local culture that aligns with O2E ethical standards.

O2E and its project partners shall contribute to the protection of areas that are of local importance.

O2E and its project partners encourage volunteers to visit local sites of historical, social and cultural significance.

O2E ensures that activities of projects, staff and volunteers do not harm the provision of services and resources to local communities including water, energy, sanitation, fuel and food.

O2E ensures the projects trade with local businesses providing positive relationships for sustainable economic trade.

O2E and its partners support local community development by assisting with local initiatives.

O2E ensures the projects encourage volunteers and other visitors to support local business and purchase local products and services.

O2E and its partners will provide information to volunteers about health and safety matters.

O2E and its partners protect the privacy of their customers and secure their information appropriately. O2E also expects that commercial and other sensitive information will be not shared without the consent of the owner of that information.

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